Baghdad cannot control unofficial Kurdistan Region border crossings: official
A member of the Al-Sind al-Watani faction in the Iraqi parliament stressed that the federal government could not take control of the unofficial border crossings in the Kurdistan Region.

Faleh al-Khazali told Al-Ma'lomeh News Agency that the Border Crossings Organization in the Kurdistan Region has repeatedly and formally suggested to the federal government to prevent the activity of informal border crossings, adding: "Baghdad is not serious with Erbil on the issue of border crossings and is unable to control these passages."

Al-Khazali noted that the Kurdistan Region has five informal border crossings that have severely damaged the central government's economy.

It is worth mentioning that some the Iraqi parliament members and political forces in this country consider the border crossings in the Kurdistan region as gateways for corruption and smuggling of prohibited goods and have emphasized that the KRG does not allow the organs and institutions of the federal government to monitor these passages.

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