US urges speeding up in formation Iraqi government
A US State Department official called for speeding up the formation of the new Iraqi government to implement the strategic agreement between the two countries.

Jennifer Gavito, the US Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs called on the Iraqi political movements to speed up the process of forming the next government.

She told a news conference that the purpose of the request was to pave the way for the implementation of a strategic agreement between Iraq and the United States.

The delay in forming the Iraqi government delays progress on bilateral issues in all areas, including economic and cultural security, the official added.

The US official said that if the new Iraqi government is formed, the United States will seek to work with Iraqi partners to implement the strategic agreement and support the country in the fight against ISIS.

Gavito said the purpose of her visit to Baghdad and Erbil last month was to negotiate with government officials and businessmen to discuss political and legal reforms in Iraq and the Kurdish region.

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