Advisor says PUK has not halted stop Iraqi presidency talks with KDP
An adviser to the Patriotic Union Kurdistan (PUK) political bureau said her party had not stopped talks with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) over the Iraqi presidency.

Speaking to Baghdad Al-Yawm News Agency, Rizan Sheikh Dalir said the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has not stopped its talks with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, adding: "It is the KDP that has stopped all its talks about the Iraqi presidency."

Sheikh Dalir pointed out: "The Kurdistan Democratic Party has more votes than the PUK because it has entered a tripartite coalition, and therefore, believing that it will get more votes in the Iraqi parliament to elect the Iraqi president, it has halted talks with the PUK, but the PUK will run in the next parliamentary session with its candidate for the presidency, and its allies will vote for the candidate."

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