MP says Federal Court ruling over Kurdistan Region's oil and gas should be implemented
A representative of the Kurdistan Parliament from the New Generation Faction stressed the need to fully implement the ruling of the Iraqi Federal Court regarding the export of oil and gas from the Kurdistan Region by Erbil.

In an interview with Al-Ma'lomeh News Agency, Diar Anwar said that the non-implementation of the federal court ruling on oil and gas exports from the Kurdistan Region by Erbil means the continuation of bad economic conditions in the region.

The way out of the economic crisis is to deliver oil and gas export revenues to Baghdad and fully implement the ruling of the federal court, otherwise we will face a major crisis that will affect the living conditions of Kurdish citizens, he went on to say.

Anwar added: "The incompatibility and stubbornness of the Kurdistan Regional Government and especially the Kurdistan Democratic Party in implementing the ruling of the Federal Court will mean the continuation of the suffocating crisis.

It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul Jabbar, has emphasized that Baghdad will take steps towards the full implementation of the ruling of the Federal Court regarding Kurdistan Region's export of its oil and gas.

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