We do not know perpetrators of attack on US embassy: Iranian envoy to Iraq
The Iranian ambassador to Baghdad stressed that Iran does not know the perpetrators of the attack on the US embassy in Baghdad and will never approve these actions.

Iran's ambassador to Baghdad, Iraj Masjedi, said in a televised interview that Iran did not know who was targeting the US embassy and would never accept such actions, according to Middle East News.
He also referred to the escalation of tensions between Iran and the United States, saying that the tensions stopped after Iran's response to the assassination of Brigadier General Qassem Solaimani.
The Iranian ambassador to Baghdad described Iran's relationship with the government of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi as constructive and positive in various fields.
Masjedi also stressed that al-Kadhimi is one of Iran's old friends and that Iran has a good relationship with him.
Pointing out that Iran is not interfering in Iraq's internal affairs to implement its policies, Masjidi called the burning of an Iranian consulate in the protests "unfortunate" and said that the consulates were providing services and that they had to enjoy immunity in Iraq.
The Iranian ambassador to Baghdad stressed that Iran does not want Iraq to be the scene of  conflict with the United States, announcing that Iran had no role in attacking the US embassy in Baghdad, and that Iran does not support any side to attack the embassy.
He noted that Iranian Brigadier General Qaani was in charge of Iraq's case in Iran and said that the general had not mediated in the operation to attack the US embassy.
Masjidi called the assassination of Brigadier General Qassem Solaimani and Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes a historic crime and said that Iran reserves the right to retaliate against the Americans.
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