Syrian Kurdish official warns against new Turkish attack on Syrian Kurdistan
A member of the Kurdish National Council of Syria (ENKS) said that Turkey's threats against Syrian Kurdistan should be taken seriously and that diplomatic strategies should be used to neutralize them as the possibility of a new Turkish attack is very strong.

"There is a threat to Syrian Kurdistan at any moment, and it is not out of the question for the Turkish army to attack again," said Dr. Tariq Khairki, deputy head of the Kurdish Freedom Movement (ŞAK) in Syria, in an interview with KurdPress.
"Threats must be taken seriously and diplomatic means should be used to neutralize them," he said.
The deputy leader of the ŞAK added that: "Turkey is looking for an excuse to attack and if an excuse is provided for it, it is possible that Turkey will bring its military forces in northern Syria again."
Earlier, Dr. Tariq Khairaki told KurdPress about the negotiations between the Syrian Kurdish movements that : "We, as the Kurdish liberation movement in Syria, support the Kurdish-Kurdish negotiations in Syrian Kurdistan in the national interest of the Kurds." He added: "The Middle East is undergoing radical change and the Kurds are part of this process of change and they must be prepared for change and move in that direction."
He continued: "It is necessary for the Kurdish movements to unite on common interests and projects for Syrian Kurdistan and to support change."
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