Asking independent MPs to form Iraqi government is a political maneuver: MP
The representative of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan in the Iraqi parliament called the request on the independent members of parliament to form the government a political maneuver and a sign of the political forces' desperation to reach an understanding and agreement.

"I am not optimistic about the ability of independent representatives to get out of the current political stalemate, because the big movements have not been able to get through this in the recent months," Muthanna Amin was quoted as saying in a press conference, according to Iraq al-Yawm.
Amin stated the solution to the current political crisis is dialogue between the Coordination Framework and Saving the Homeland and the achievement of the necessary consensus and respect for the views of both sides, predicting that the current stalemate will continue and the interim government will continue it's activities for time being.
He noted: "The political stalemate is not about the Kurds, but about the Shiite political movements that are going to talk about appointing a prime minister and if they agree on who will be in charge of forming the government and distributing ministerial posts, the Kurds won't oppose to.
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