International community has left Syrian Kurds alone; official
The head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said that the international community was refusing to return thousands of ISIS prisoners to their home countries, adding that the international community had left the Syrian Kurdish forces tasked with protecting the camps.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday, May 17, that the situation in the camps controlled by the Syrian Kurdish forces is dire. The newspaper reported that the international community did not pay attention to the situation of several Syrian Kurdish-controlled camps where ISIS-affiliated prisoners are being held.

Citizens of 55 countries are in the camps, but only 25 countries have announced their readiness to repatriate them, the Washington Post reported.

Peter Maurer, chairman of the International Committee of the Red Cross, also described the Syrian Kurdish forces' mission to secure the camps as "serious".

He told the Washington Post that Syrian Kurdish forces could not afford to protect the camps alone, but that the international community was not helping them.

He said that the Syrian Kurdish forces felt that the international community has left the Kurds alone in front of a large number of ISIS prisoners and their relatives in these camps.

The Washington Post noted the need for serious action to repatriate some 10,000 ISIS prisoners who are Western nationals. However, it noted that Western countries are not willing to support the extradition of these people from Syria to the West for political reasons.

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