KRG oil contracts in compliance with Iraqi constitution: judicial council
The Judicial Council of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said on Tuesday, May 17, all of the KRG’s oil contracts meet the guidelines of the Iraqi constitution enacted in 2005.

The head of the council, Abdul-Jabbar Aziz Hassan, said in a statement that Resolution 22 (2007), which was issued by the Kurdistan Parliament covering the KRG’s sale of oil and gas, was not contrary to the Iraqi constitution.

The council’s statement comes in response to the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court’s verdict in February against the KRG’s law on oil contracts, which ruled the contracts were against the constitution.

The council’s statement insisted that according to Iraqi law enacted in 2005, the federal government was responsible only for oil fields that existed prior to that year. Therefore, the law did not cover the Kurdistan Region’s oil fields, which were developed after 2005, according to the statement.

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