Nechirvan Barzani hails Shahram Nazeri's status and artistic achievements
The Kurdistan Region President, Nechirvan Barzani hailed Iranian Kurdish singer's activities and artistic achievements as a source of pride for all Kurds.

Barzani, met on Wednesday, May 18, with Shahram Nazeri, the prominent Iranian Kurdish artist who traveled to the region days ago.

The website of the Kurdistan Regional Government announced that Barzani expressed his pleasure to meet with Nazeri, appreciated his efforts and works in the field of art and music, and said that Nazeri's artistic position in the region and the world and his awards and achievements in the field of art in the international level is a source of pride for all Kurds, and especially for the people of the Kurdistan Region.

He also expressed his full support for Nazeri and his activities.

Appreciating Barzani and expressing his satisfaction with meeting him and his trip to the region, Nazeri said that the gold medal he received from the Ministry of Culture and Arts of the region is more valuable and meaningful for him than all other awards that he has achieved.

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