Who did not attend "PUK forum" ceremony
Contrary to what the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) President Baffel Talabani claimed about dialogue with all sides and building consensus within the party and the presence of all members at the so-called forum, a number of leaders and prominent members of the Supreme Political Council, political bureau and party founders of the PUK not attend the ceremony.

Contrary to the statements of the organizers of the meeting and Talabani, the leader of the party, who claimed they talked to all sides and created a consensus and everyone attended the meeting, Diro news website released the names of a number of prominent members and leaders of the party who did not attend the forum.
The report states that not all members of the Supreme Political Council and its founding members, as well as a number of members of the party's political bureau and leadership, who were in Sulaimani, the PUK headquarter, attend the forum. According to the report; Kosrat Rasool Ali, chairman of the Supreme Political Council, and PUK interests, and Hiro Ibrahim Ahmad, a member of the Supreme Political Council, were unable to attend the gathering due to illness.
Jafar Sheikh Mostafa, Hakim Qader Mohammad Jan, Omar Fattah, Arsalan Bayez, Adnan Mufti, Malla Bakhtiar and Diler Seyed Majid, members of the PUK Supreme Political Council, did not attend the forum despite being invited.
Former Iraqi President Fuad Masoum and Omar Sheikh Musa, members of PUK founding board, did not take part in the meeting.
On the other hand, Rafat Abdullah, Mahmoud Sangawi, Hamed Haji Ghali, Shalaw and Kosrat Rasool, members of the political bureau, did not attend the forum.
At the same time, Rehber Seyyed Ibrahim, Sardar Herki, Aras Sheikh Jangi, whose membership suspension had expired, and Rivaz Fayek (due to her father's funeral ceremony) did not attend the Saturday forum which continued on Sunday as well.
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