Malla Bakhtiar warns about internal and external dangers against Kurdistan Region
The senior member of the Supreme Political Council and the interests of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) warned about internal conflicts in the Kurdistan region and the existence of internal and external dangers against the region.

Malla Bakhtiar, a member of the Supreme Political Council and the interests of the PUK, predicted in an interview with Rudaw TV a dire situation for the region if the political parties and movements in the Kurdistan fail to decide on a joint program, or a new strategy.
Regarding the reasons for his prediction, he said that there are serious differences between the political parties in the region and that seven months after the Iraqi parliamentary elections, the Kurds have taken four separate approaches from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the New Generation and the Islamist parties and have separately visited Baghdad and interacted with the central government and the Iraqi movements; while in Baghdad both critics and opponents of the region are growing and trying to put pressure on it by changing the constitution.
He went on to add that it was quite clear that it had been several years since the region's budget was cut and the 140 constitutions were not implemented, they did not allow the passage and implementation of the oil and gas law, and did not equip the region's Peshmerga forces, and these cases show the semi-autonomous region is in dangerous condition.
"It is possible that the opponents of the region in Iraq will strike a dangerous blow to it at some point, and the Kurdish political leaders must have a correct analysis of this situation and be aware of these dangers."
Malla Bakhtiar pointed out that the leaders of the region did not have a proper understanding of these dangers and the current situation and could not have a joint plan to deal with these dangers, while these dangers undoubtedly occur and the region will suffer from deep conflicts because the Kurds in Iraq are facing Arab racism and a centralist mentality.
He cited the warnings of the UN special envoy to Iraq, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, about the dangers of internal strife over Kurdistan's structure, saying that political idiots in the region had not heeded the envoy's previous and current warnings and believed that she had little authority, but Plasschaert has given her report to the superpowers in the Security Council, and it is not baseless that she has devoted much of her recent Security Council report to the region, and if the Kurds continue to ignore these warnings, they will suffer.
Bakhtiar said that if the Iraqi government imposed sanctions on foreign companies in the region and prevented the transit of the region's oil through Turkey to world markets, the region could not export its oil, and the Iraqi government was now taking action and the federal court had declared the region's oil activities illegal, and the Iraqi oil minister was talking about controlling these activities, and the central government may be under pressure to take illegal actions against the region.
He also predicted that the current problems for Iraqi Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis and the dangers against the region would continue after the formation of the new Iraqi government and the election of a new president and prime minister.
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