KRG calls for greater cooperation with baghdad following drone attack in Erbil
The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Thursday, June 9, condemned last night’s drone attack on Erbil and insisted there should be more cooperation between the KRG security forces and the Iraqi federal government.

Three people were injured in the attack that struck the Erbil-Pirmam road on Wednesday night, NRT reported.
The KRG said the repetition of such terrorist acts will harm the stability of Iraq’s security and the political situation there, as well as in the Kurdistan Region.
The Kurdistan Region Security Council issued a statement on its Facebook page on Thursday, saying the attack on Erbil was launched from Pirde district (Altun Kopri) in Kirkuk province by Kataib Hezbollah.
The security council also said the attack was "a continuation of a campaign of attacks intended to put pressure on the Kurdistan Region.”
The security council denounced the claims and said the people of the Kurdistan Region "have seen the attack and its consequences.”
On March 13, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) Quds Force struck Erbil with six missiles claiming to target a Zionist "strategic center."
The KRG has denied the existence of any Israeli sites in the Region.
Lawk Ghafuri, the head of Kurdistan Region Foreign Media Relations, said on Thursday the three civilians wounded in last night’s attack have all been released from the hospital and are in stable condition.
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