Iraqi, Kurdish officials denounce Erbil attack
Iraqi and Kurdish officials have condemned a drone attack on the Erbil-Pirmam Road last night, June 8, that injured at least three people.

The Iraqi president Barham Salih said on Twitter yesterday that the attack was "a condemned criminal act" that targets national efforts to protect Iraq's security and its citizens.
He added: "we must stand firmly against attempts to plunge the country into chaos and undermine security and stability."
The Iraqi prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, said on Twitter yesterday that he has held a phone call with the Kurdistan Region Premier Masrour Barzani.
Al-Kadhimi added that the attack "reflects the insistence of some to perpetuate the logic of chaos and strike the concepts of the state."
He said Baghdad "rejects all forms of intimidation of citizens and attacks on the law and the state."
Barzani also tweeted yesterday that "Erbil and Baghdad have been cooperating effectively against "criminal individuals and groups.
He added: "we will work together to bring the perpetrators of tonight's attack to justice."
The United Nations Missions in Iraq (UNAMI) said on Twitter on the same day that the attack was "another reckless act."
It added: "Iraq does not need self-proclaimed armed arbiters. Asserting State authority is essential. If the perpetrators are known, call them out and hold them to account."
On Wednesday night, June 8, an explosion from a drone struck the Erbil-Pirmam road injuring at least three people and damaging a restaurant and a number of vehicles.
The Kurdistan Region Security Council has blamed Kataib Hezbollah for last night's attack in Erbil and denied the presence of Israeli operatives in the Region.
On March 13, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) Quds Force struck Erbil with six missiles claiming to target a Zionist "strategic centre," while the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has denied the existence of any Israeli sites in the Region.
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