SDF refutes rumours of ISIS militant breakout from Syria prison
Authorities in northeast Syria denied on Sunday rumours of a breakout at Raqqa's central prison, which hosts civilian prisoners and detainees affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS), the Rojava Information Center reported on Sunday, June 19.

"We refute rumours about jail-breaking of some #Daesh terrorists or any disobedience in Raqqa central prison," the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the military branch of the Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) that controls the region, said in a statement.
The rumours were sparked by heavy military presence and the closure of roads around the prison, which were part of a routine operation according to the SDF. "Security forces conducted precautionary procedures to monitor prison perimeter and to reinforce safety measures," the SDF said.
In January 2022, a car bomb attack against al-Hasakah's al-Sina'a prison, followed by a mass mutiny inside, led to a week of fighting as the SDF besieged and attempted to regain control of the site. 
The al-Sina'a prison held hundreds of former fighters of the IS and around 850 male children and teenagers thought to be relatives of ISIS fighters.
Over 300 inmates and IS fighters were killed in the fighting, and hundreds managed to escape from the prison in what was described as the largest operation carried out by the militants in Syria since its territorial defeat in 2019.
The SDF lost 154 fighters in the mutiny.
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