We are witnessing positive changes in Damascus's stances
Aldar Xelil, a member of the leadership council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) assessed the attitudes and positions of the Syrian central government towards the Kurds and the possible Turkish invasion of northern Syria are showing positive signs.

Xelil stated that there have been positive changes in the attitude and stances of the Syrian central government.
"Currently, there are positive signs in the attitude of the Syrian government," Xelil told the Euphrates News Agency in response to a question about the talks between Damascus and the governorate of northern and eastern Syria.
"Negotiations are still ongoing. There is hope that we will make progress in this area. Without a doubt, the process is not what it should be, but positive steps will be taken."
"In the past, their position was a bit cautious when there was an attack. This time, however, people see that they have taken a serious stand against rape. We know this to be true. This is their duty. They must defend the country's borders." he said, referring to a shift in Damascus' stance on a possible Turkish attack on northern Syria.
"They are not ready to attack Turkey to help us. So we do not wait to see what they do. If they took the right position, that's fine. But we can not rely on their positions. We have not seen a clear position so far. They say [Turkey's attack on northern Syria] is not going well, ISIS is being revived, the fight against ISIS has negatively affected, peace and stability in the region. They do not say "stop." So we are preparing," said Aldar Xelil, criticizing the positions of other powers involved in the Syrian crisis regarding a possible Turkish attack.
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