US and Russia did not allow a new Turkey invasion on Syria Kurdistan
A Syrian Kurdish politician said: "Turkey was not allowed to attack Syrian Kurdistan, but it will not stop occupying whenever the opportunity arises."

Asked by KurdPress whether Turkey had stopped attacking Syrian Kurdistan, Galo Issa, a member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (P.D.K.S), said: "Turkey was serious in its threats and would not stop its occupation whenever the opportunity would arise, but this time it could not convince the world powers to conduct its plan."
He continued: "Turkey signed a ceasefire agreement with the United States and Russia after occupying Grispi and Sarikani in 2019, and today these countries did not allow another Turkey attack under the same agreement."
Mr. Issa added: "We believe that we have not got rid of Turkish attacks and that Turkey will invade Syrian Kurdistan whenever the opportunity arises."
The Kurdish politician said: "In the situation, the powers that guarantee this ceasefire must be present and not allow Turkey to embark on an adventure, because the Turkish attack will cause irreparable damage to the region."
The member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (P.D.K.S) noted that "Turkey's attack on northern Syria activates ISIS and would affect the stability created in the region."
He went on to say: "Turkey's attack on Syria is a violation of international law and world powers must prevent these aggressive actions by Turkey."
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