Dana Gas halts expansion operations in Khor Mor, Sulaimani
UAE-based Dana Gas has suspended its works in expanding the Khor Mor field in Chamchamal, Sulaimani province, after a series of missile attacks on the gas field in the past few days.

Dana Gas said in a statement on Monday, June 27, that while production operations are not affected, expansion work in Khor Mor is suspended amid "implementing necessary security strengthening."
Khor Mor gas field has come under missile attacks three times in a row since Thursday. The latest attack was on Saturday, June 25, during which no one was hurt, the statement added.
It also said that the company is coordinating with the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG), which has beefed up the security of the area.
It added the KRG and the Iraqi government have shown "strong support" for the company as extra security personnel has been mobilized by the KRG to protect the company's facilities.
Dana Gas came under rocket attack on Thursday, when two people were injured, and on Friday, more than five Katyusha rockets were fired at Khor Mor gas field in two separate attacks.
In the latest offence, rockets were fired at Dana Gas's Khor Mor field in Chamchamal district on Saturday, causing no human or material damage.
No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
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