Kurdistan Region problems will be solved in Tehran, not Baghdad: party leader
The Secretary General of the Kurdistan Social Democratic Party stated that the solution to the problems of the Kurdistan Region is in Tehran and not in Baghdad, calling for the formation of a comprehensive political council by the political parties of the Kurdistan Region and dispatching a regional negotiating team to Iran.

"Nothing will be achieved from Kurdish talks in Baghdad. First, there must be unity among the Kurdish movements," Mohammad Haji Mahmoud told Kurdistan 24 TV.

Referring to the regret of the Iraqi movements for the establishment of a federal system and the structure of the Kurdistan Region, Haji Mahmoud said: "I stated when drafting the constitution (of the Federal Iraq) that the issue of minority and majority is important. The Kurds should not take it easy. I even referred to the Lebanese constitution, which was called sectarianism. Our brothers found out late what Baghdad wanted. We used to say that the Ba'athist regime in Iraq was the enemy of the Kurds, but now it turns out that Arabs are making enmity with Kurds."

"They had no power when the constitution was drafted. I have all the names and documents that were against the formation of a federal Kurdistan Region. They want what the Kurds have gained to be taken from them after the US leaves so that they would returned to the starting point," said Mohammad Haji Mahmoud.

"Now that I see Shiite and Sunni Arabs are in harmony to cut the salaries of Kurdistan Regional Government employees and the election law and a number of other laws; it is a sign that Sunnis and Shiites are unanimously opposed to the Kurds," he added.

The secretary general of the Social Democratic Party of the Kurdistan Region said in another part of his speech that: "If we give the whole region of Kurdistan to Baghdad, the Iraqi government will still not be satisfied with the Kurds, nothing will be achieved by negotiating with Baghdad. Kurds have shown too much flexibility in wake of the outlook in Baghdad. Kurds need to coordinate their power and send delegations to the United States and Europe to let them know that Iraqi sovereignty violates the constitution and it has cut off the livelihoods of 6 million Kurds."

"Kurdistan's delegation in Baghdad must negotiate with the government in Baghdad over Article 140 of the Constitution and the Federal Council. Why is no one talking about this?" he wondered.

Regarding the powers of Mustafa al-Kadhimi's government, Mohammad Haji Mahmoud said: "Kadhimi has no supporters in the House of Representatives. He is as powerful as Adel Abdul Mahdi (former Iraqi PM). Although the largest coalition determines the winner of the prime ministerial election, the election of both was illegal. Iran and the United States differences decided the election of al-Kadhimi. Al-Kadhimi has sent a delegation to Iran to hold talks as he has no power. It is better for our delegations to go to Tehran. Problems will be solved in Iran, not in Baghdad."

The secretary general of the Kurdistan Social Democratic Party further described Iraq as having no cohesive system, saying: "Iraq does not have a cohesive system and it is falling apart. From Amara region onward many holes have been made in oil pipe lines. Each tribe and party take a part of its. While Iraq is on A sea of ​​oil, it asks for help from charities."

Stressing to the need to establish a confederal system in Iraq, Mohammad Haji Mahmoud said at the end of the interview that: "The best solution for Iraq is to create a confederal system in which each region can organize itself."

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