Turkey seeks to expand its influence in Iraqi Kurdistan: Iraqi religious official
The head of the Union of Iraqi Muslim Scholars stressed that the Turkish invasion of areas in the Kurdish region destroys the fate of 10 Kurdish families daily.

"We firmly believe that Turkey's invasion of Iraq is illegal and is the violation of the principles of good neighborliness, and is an Ankara's plan to expand its influence in Iraqi Kurdistan," Jabbar al-Ma'mouri told Al-Ma'alumah news agency.

Stressing that "90% of the tragedies of Turkey's invasion of Iraq are not covered by the media, and it is very unfortunate, especially that pictures of devastated villages and the displacement of families from their homes are not published," al-Ma'mouri said: "the lives of 10 Kurdish families are being destroyed each day due to Turkish invasion on Iraq."

He stressed that the Union of Iraqi Muslim Scholars calls on the Iraqi Prime Minster Mustafa Al-Kadhimi's government to take a firm stand against this Turkish invasion, "because this invasion has dangerous dimensions that directly affect the national security of Iraq and creates humanitarian crises for thousands of Kurdish families in Iraqi Kurdistan."

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