KRG spokesman says oil companies not leaving Kurdistan Region
The spokesperson of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said in a press conference on June 29 that none of the oil companies working in the Kurdistan Region has left.

Jutyar Adil said all the oil companies operating in the region are continuing their work.
His comments were made after reports by Iraqi News Agency (INA) that two US companies, Schlumberger and Baker Hughes have exited the Kurdistan Region following the Iraqi federal court's decision to consider the Kurdistan Region's energy sector unconstitutional.
Adil also spoke about recent missile attacks on oil and gas fields in the Kurdistan Region saying the KRG knows who attacked Khor Mor gas field and why they attacked it.
He did not disclose any names as the KRG is awaiting the results of investigations, he explained.
Khor Mor gas field in Chamchamal district, Sulaimani province, was attacked three times within 72 hours last week prompting Dana Gas, which operates the field, to suspend expansion works.
Local analysts have pointed out that the aim of recent missile attacks on oil and gas companies operating in the Kurdistan Region appears to be political.
In February, the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court issued a verdict against the KRG's law on oil contracts, which ruled the contracts were against the constitution.
The KRG has said that the ruling was "political", and the Judicial Council of the KRG noted on May 17 that all of the KRG's oil contracts meet the guidelines of the Iraqi constitution enacted in 2005.
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