Peshmerga prevents Iraqi army to setup checkpoint near Khor Mor
Kurdish Peshmerga forces have prevented a unit of Iraq’s military to set up a check point on Qaderkaram-Tuz Khurmatu road that is near to the Kurdistan Region key gas field of Khor Mor, Esta Media Network reported on Saturday.

According to the report a unit inside Iraqi forces had progressed toward Peshmerga controlled area, aimed to set up a checkpoint, but they were pushed back by Peshmerga, and either forces will adjust a meeting tomorrow on that matter.
The report added that setting a check point in Qaderkaram vicinity will jeopardize the Kurdistan Region key gas field of Khor Mor in which United Arab Energy Company Dana Gas operates.
However, this is not the first attempt by the Iraqi forces to advance toward Khor Mor, earlier on Wednesday Iraq’s army has conducted a military drill in Kurdish controlled area on Zanana, adding the pretext of launching a new military operation.
On Wednesday Iraq’s military forces paid a visit to Peshmerga forces in the area, and appealed Zanana crossroad checkpoint, the report also said.
Zanana crossroad checkpoint has been held by Peshmerga forces since 2003, but the Iraqi forces demanded to hold the checkpoint jointly with the Kurdish forces, according to the reporter.
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