President Raisi arrives in Kurdistan province
A few hours ago, the Iranian President Ayatollah Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi arrived in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan province.

Upon arrival at Sanandaj airport, Ayatollah Raisi described the people of the province as very brave people with rich culture and civilization and viewed to tackle their problems.

President Raisi was welcomed by the representative of the Supreme Leader, the governor-general, and a group of local officials.

Upon his arrival, Raisi said, "Kurdistan is known as a province with culture and civilization in our country. Everywhere in this province shows civility and proud historical background."

He expressed satisfaction for being alongside the brave, hardworking, warrior, and resistant people of Kurdistan province, and said, "Kurdistan province has many capacities in the fields of agriculture and animal husbandry, tourism and mines.”

The president called Kurdistan's most important potential as the efficient, young, and educated human resource of the province and added, "Kurdistan is known as a resistant province in the history of the Islamic Revolution, which has devoted more than 5,000 martyrs and 9,000 veterans to the revolution and is truly in the field of defending the revolution”.

Referring to the investigations that have been done before the trip to identify the problems and needs of the province, the president clarified, "The issues of the province have been discussed in consultation with the respected representative of the religious jurist, the governor-general and other provincial officials, and suggestions have also been made to solve the problems and meet the needs of the province.”

He stated that in Kurdistan, like other provinces, we see half-finished projects, and noted, "People expect the government to complete these projects as soon as possible. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to other needs of the province, the Popular Administration has made the completion of these projects a priority.”

The president said, "At the end of the trip and in the meeting of the administrative council, the resolutions of the trip will be announced in the presence of the provincial officials, the people, and the media so that everyone will be aware of the government's decisions to accelerate the progress of the province and everyone will follow up on their implementation.”

Meeting with different groups of people, veterans, and families of martyrs, holding an administrative council, meeting with clerics, visiting some construction and service projects and plans, and holding a press conference at the end of the trip are among the most important plans of the president's one-day trip to Kurdistan.

On this trip, Raisi is accompanied by the Ministers of Interior, Agricultural Jihad, Health and Medical Education, Education, Tourism, Handicrafts, and Cultural Heritage, Industry, Mine and Trade, Acting Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, Head of Plan and Budget Organization, Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs, Vice-President for Executive Affairs, and the President’s Chief of Staff.

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