US and Russia attempting to prevent Turkey from attacking Syrian Kurds
The United States and Russia, with the support of the Kurds and Damascus alliance, are trying to prevent Ankara's new military operations against the Syrian Kurds.

Bassam Shaker, the joint representative of the Syrian Democratic Council, the political branch of the Syrian Arab Kurdish forces in the United States, announced Washington's attempt to prevent Turkey's new military operations against the Syrian Kurds.

He told the Russian news agency Sputnik: "American officials are contacting the Turkish authorities through diplomatic efforts to prevent this attack."

At the same time, Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper also announced the joint call of the Kurds, Damascus and Russia to create an obstacle to Turkey's attack.

Also, Enab Baladi magazine, which covers developments in Syria, has announced the dispatch of 550 Syrian government forces to the northeast of Aleppo after an initial agreement between the Kurds and the Syrian government under Moscow supervision.

Bassam Shaker said that America has promised the Kurds that it will prevent Turkey's new military action against them.

However, some reports indicate continued differences between the Kurds and Damascus over how to cooperate in areas controlled by Syrian Kurdish forces.

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