Iraq pays off Iran's debt over natural gas
The Iraqi minister of electricity said on Monday, July 11, that Iraq had paid all its debts owed to Iran, according to Mehr News Agency.

The Iraqi Minister of Electricity, Adil Karim, said on Monday in a tv interview that Iraq paid $1.649 billion dollars to Iran for the gas it purchased from Iran through debt, according to Mehr News.
The minister said Iraq no longer owes money to Iran, and from now on it will pay monthly for purchasing gas from the country.
Iraq imports 42 million cubic meters of natural gas daily from Iran, Karim said.
The minister stated Iraq had signed another contract with Iran to produce 400 megawatts of electricity for Basra and Diyala.
Karim said another 15 megawatts is needed to provide 24-hour electricity in Iraq.
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