Coordination Framework blames external influence in Iraq’s politics
Ali Fatlawi, a leader within the Coordination Framework said on Sunday, July 10, the parties within the framework have agreed not to let any country intervene negatively in Iraq's internal affairs.

Fatlawi said that all the countries neighboring Iraq should support the country and its new yet-to-be-formed government because the stability of Iraq has its effects on other countries.
There should be agreement and cooperation between the countries in the area, he said, NRT reported.
There are foreign political goals that meet Iraqi politics and local demands but this does not mean other countries should interfere with Iraq’s internal affairs.
The Iraqi new government has yet not been formed due to political disputes between the Shia blocs in Iraq’s parliament following the results of elections in October 2021.
MPs from the Sadrist Movement, the rival Shia bloc in parliament resigned from the parliament on June 12 and the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Shakhawan Abdullah, said that without the Sadrist Movement in parliament, the second-largest Shia coalition, the Coordination Framework, can form the government.
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