PUK will vote unconditionally for Coordination Framework candidate for Iraq's premiership Prime Ministership: official
A senior member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) stated that the prime minister post is the share of the Shiites according to political customs and said: "We have no problem with the character introduced by the Coordination Framework ramework to hold this position, and we will vote for him without any conditions."

Ghias Sorchi added in an interview with Ert News news agency: "I don't imagine that the Coordination Framework introduces an incompetent person to hold the position of Iraqi Prime Minister, but whoever is to hold this position, we will vote for him unconditionally."
Sorchi added: "The issue of electing the prime minister of Iraq is related to the Shiites, so we have no information about the candidate who is supposed to be introduced by the Coordination Framework to hold this position."
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