Kurdistan Region PM calls federal court illegal in a meeting with Iraqi authorities
The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region stated that the region is not committed to implementing the decisions of the Iraqi Federal Court regarding the oil case.

According to the Kurdistan 24 television network, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Masrour Barzani, visted Baghdad on Saturday and met high-ranking Iraqi officials and said that there is no legal court in Iraq, and the court that operates under the title of the Federal Court, was not formed based on any law, and the Kurdistan Region government would not abide by its rules.
Barzani, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, met and talked with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Faiq Zeidan, the head of the Supreme Judicial Council, and Mohammad Halbusi, the head of the House of Representatives.
A source told Kurdistan 24 that Masrour Barzani clearly told the Iraqi officials in this meeting that "it is necessary and the Iraqi government should interact with the Kurdistan Region as a legal and federal organization and should not think about controlling the Kurdistan Region. The Kurdistan region has its own identity and national and patriotic rights, and a thousand people of Kurdistan have been martyred in this regard."
The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region has told the federal government officials that "Kurdistan Region, as it has duties towards the federal government, has rights according to the constitution, but unfortunately, our rights have been violated.
The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region also criticized the relevant Iraqi officials and told them that the differences between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad cannot be summed up only in the issue of oil and gas and property concessions, but that "the Kurdistan Region has many legal rights that have unfortunately been violated and genocide damages are only a part of it. But until now, the damages of the victims of the chemical bombing and destruction of Kurdistan have not been paid despite a ruling by the constitution."
In separate meetings with high-ranking Iraqi federal officials, Masrour Barzani has also emphasized that "we will not be ready to deviate from our legal rights and we will not leave the oil and gas case to Baghdad. Because this is our legal right. Neither I nor anyone else. No one else in Kurdistan has the right to take away this legal right from the people of Kurdistan."
The Prime Minister also emphasized in Baghdad that the oil and gas law should be regulated and approved in the parliament of federal Iraq in a way that is in line with the interests of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.
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