Masrour Barzani says Erbil and Baghdad reached an agreement, hope it will be implemented properly
Kurdistan Region Prime Minister announced in a message that the regional government has reached an agreement with the central government of Iraq, expressing hope that the agreement will be implemented properly.

According to Kurdistan 24 TV, Masrur Barzani, in a message on the occasion of the beginning of the New Year, expressed hope that 2021 will be full of peace, stability and happiness, and that the crises and sufferings in Iraq and the region will end.

He further addressed the citizens of the Kurdistan Region and said that the world, and especially the Kurdistan Region, has gone through a difficult year and that the region is in a difficult economic situation due to the spread of Covid-19 and the consequences of the budget cut by the Iraqi central government.

Masrour Barzani added: "Now that we have reached an agreement with the Iraqi central government on the 2021 budget, I hope this agreement is fully implemented and that Iraqi political parties do not allow the financial and economic rights of the people of the region to become a pressure card. We emphasize once again that we will never give up our legal rights."

He also pointed out that the people of the region have sacrificed a lot in achieving their legal rights and the legal structure of the region is the product of many struggles and sacrifices, adding that the people's pride depends on strengthening national identity and respecting their legal rights.

Masrour Barzani also called on the political parties and movements of the region to put aside their differences, defend the achievements, rights, territory and the legal structure of the region, confront threats against the region, and overcome the crisis and problems through unity.

In his message, Barzani emphasized on pursuing fundamental reforms in the region and called for efforts to improve the living conditions of citizens to establish stability, security and the rule of law.

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