New attack targets Turkish base in Iraqi Kurdistan
Local media in the north of Iraq reported Thursday a rocket attack on the Turkish military base in Dohuk province.

According to local Iraqi media, the Turkish base was targeted by a rocket attack is located in "Bamerni" in Dohuk province in the Kurdistan region in the north of Iraq.
"Sabrin News" Telegram channel released a video today in an breaking news item about the targeting of this Turkish military base in the Bamerni region saying that the attack came in response to Ankara's recent deadly artillery attack against a resort area in Duhok province.
Also last Sunday, Iraqi media including the Baghdad Today website reported that seven explosions were heard inside a Turkish military base located on the shared border between Iraq and Turkey. The report said that the Turkish base was targeted by several fixed-wing drones.
Local Kurdish media including the PUKmedia said that the two mortar shells were fired at Bamarni base, which is one of the biggest Turkish military bases in Iraqi Kurdistan region, but caused no casualties as they landed the vicinity of the base.
Yesterday, the Iraqi group Saraya Ababeel (SA) released video footage showing the launch of drone attacks on two Turkish bases in northern Iraq.
Ankara has received widespread criticism from both Iraqi and Kurdish authorities in Bagdhad and Erbil as well as the international community for violating Iraqi sovereignty under the pretext of fighting the PKK.
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