US does not support creation of an independent entity in Syrian Kurdish regions: former envoy
James Jeffrey, a former US envoy to Syria, stressed that the US was trying to ensure that the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces in northern Syria was acceptable to Arabs and Kurds opposing the Kurdish Democratic Union Party and did not lead to the formation of an independent government.

James Jeffrey, the former US envoy to Syria, who recently resigned from the post, said: "His country has been in contact with Syrian Kurds in the recent years, but has tried the support to the Kurds would not be within separating Kurds from Syria."

In an interview with Wilson Center on the limit of political support for the Kurds and US diplomacy on the Kurds, he said US diplomacy has sought to ensure that the Syrian Kurdish-Arab forces, known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), do not make long-term political decisions or reorganize territory in Syria beyond what is stated in UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

Referring to his country's mediation between the two main Kurdish factions in Syria, James Jeffrey added: "The United States has tried to make the control of the SDF accepted by dissatisfied Kurds and Arabs, and that the control of the SDF over parts of Syria would not lead to the creation of an independent government."

Regarding US financial support for the Syrian Kurds, he said: "The Syrian Democratic Forces receive several hundred million dollars a year in financial assistance, most of which is paid by US partners in the anti-ISIS coalition."

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