Coordination Framework calls on supporters to hold counter-demonstration on Monday
The Coordination Framework has asked its supporters to protest in Baghdad on Monday, August 1, against the demonstrations carried out over the last two days by supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr.

The Coordination Framework said in a statement the latest movements in Baghdad are pointing at the destruction of governmental institutions and they insult the constitution of Iraq.
The statement said these actions are not acceptable and that the Coordination Framework asks the people of Iraq to hold peaceful demonstrations for their country, which thousands of martyrs have sacrificed their lives for.
The Preparatory Committee of the Coordination Framework had previously decided to postpone counter-demonstrations against those held by Sadr’s supporters at the request of the bloc’s leaders, tribal chiefs and religious leaders.
The bloc said in a statement on Saturday that they are very concerned over the incidents taking place in Baghdad, such as, "attacking the country’s constitutional institutions.”
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