Kurdish official blames world's silence over Turkey attacks on Syrian Kurdistan
The head of the Kurdish Democratic Day Party in Syria stated: The self-governing administration is a successful example of democracy in the war-torn Syria, and Turkey does not want to see the existence of another Kurdish region on its borders.

Kofan Kaneo, the head of the Kurdish Democratic Day Party in Syria, told Kurdpress that although Russia and Iran were against Turkey's attack on Syrian Kurdistan, Ankara still continues its artillery attack, adding that Turkey is always against the formation of a Kurdish sovereignty is in the region and this reslity is cristal clear.
He continued: Ten years have passed since the crisis in Syria and Turkey has repeatedly asked to destroy the self-governing administration which is a successful example of democracy in the region. This successful example consists of all the ethnic and national structures in Syria that have formed a democratic administration in this region.
He emphasized: Although the self-governing administration has been under sanctions and political siege from all sides, it has been able to be successful in this crisis.

He added: The positions of the countries that are against Turkey's attack are not decisive, and this makes Turkey not see a serious obstacle to continue its attacks. About the positions of the Kurdish parties against the Turkish aggressions, the head of the Kurdish Democratic Day Party said: "The Kurdish parties and movements have no other way but to get united in this regard and reach a road map to deal with the Turkish aggressions."
Kaneo reminded: "Turkey's plan is territorial expansionism and changing the demographics of the Kurdish geography; everyone should know this well, and the countries of the region should resort to serious measures in order to prevent Erdogan's extravagant policies."
Over the project of the autonomous administration to get closer to the Syrian government,this Kurdish politician said the goal was to weaken the autonomous administration so much that it would fall into the control of the central government.
He added: Our military forces are capable of dealing with any threat, and the presence of a number of central government forces in the border areas with the armed groups does not mean that they are a threat to the self-governing administration.
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