Prominent SDF military official killed in Turkish drone attack – media center
A prominent member of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and several other members of the forces were killed and injured in a Turkish drone attack on a passenger car in the Kurdish city of Qamishlo in northern Syria.

On Saturday evening, during the attack of a Turkish army drone on the industrial area of ​​Qamishlo, a SDF prominent military member and three other people, including two children, were killed.

According to local sources, a Turkish army drone bombed a car near the Hasco gas station in the industrial district of Qamishlo, as a result of which several people were killed and injured.

According to ARK TV, which is affiliated with the Kurdish Patriotic Council (ENKS), the SDF assassinated member was named Jiyar, who was the leader of the Revolutionary Youth Group and was from Turkey Kurdistan.

In the last three weeks, the Turkish army has assassinated a number of commanders and political officials of Syrian Kurdistan by drones.

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