PMF warns to take military action if Baghdad sits idly for Turkey’s aggressions
A leading figure of the Iraqi al-Fateh alliance on Saturday threatened to take military action against Turkey through Poplar Mobilization Forces if the Iraqi government in Baghdad remains to sit idly.

PMF or Hashed al-Shaabi affiliated al-Fateh alliance leader Ali al-Fatlawi told the Iraqi media that Turkey is the ultimate criminal for last month’s deadly shelling according to the concrete evidences generated by the investigation committee, Esta Media Network reported.

 “The Iraqi government so far has chosen silence, PMF has the capability to stand against the Turkish aggressions if the government gives consent,” Fatlawi said.

 “The Turkish army continues to carry out its attacks on Iraq, Turkey’s violation of Iraq’s sovereignty shall be ended” Fatlawi added.

Last month, in late July, a deadly bombing was carried out on a resort located in Duhok province, northwest of the Kurdistan Region.

The attack killed and injured at least 34 Arab tourists, it provoked the Iraqi streets and created nationwide protest after the Iraqi government has explicitly announced that Turkey is responsible for the attack according to the evidences that were exposed by a top Iraqi military investigation committee.

Since then, The Iraqi militias have vowed to retaliate against Turkey, dozens of attacks have been recently launched by the militias against the Turkish military bases in Iraq, including attacking the Turkish general consulate in Mosul with rockets.

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