Four military personnel killed in Turkish drone attack in Qamishli – local reports
According to local news reports four military personnel have been killed in a Turkish drone strike on Tuesday in Qamishli city and one Syrian Democratic Forces leader included.

Rojava news outlets reported that a Turkish drone strike targeted a position near to COVID-19 hospital in Qamishli city located in northeast Syria.

 “At least four people were killed and three injured in the attack,” local news outlets reported.

 “The victims are military personal and one SDF leader reported dead” according to the reports.

This the second deadly drone bombing in four days in Qamishli by the Turkish forces.

Earlier on Saturday Internal security forces in Qamishli said a vehicle was hit by a Turkish drone strike killing at least four people and wounding two others.

 “The attack was carried out by the Turkish occupation force and targeted a vehicle in Sana’a neighborhood of Qamishli city,” it said regarding Saturday’s attack.

 “Despite the massive material damage that was caused by the attack, two children are among the dead, and the wounds suffer from severe injuries,” it added.

Turkey has escalated its airstrike in northern Syria in which the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic forces held a large scale of territory.

The country says the attacks aim to eradicate the threats to Turkey’s national security by targeting the Kurdish groups and other linked armed forces.

Turkey’s attacks have increased since July 1 when Turkish president Erdogan said that new operation in northern Syria could begin at any moment.

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