Heavy fighting erupts between Turkish forces and YPG on Syrian border
According to Turkish Ministry of Defense, a number of YPG forces have lost their lives in clashes on the Mardin-Syria border on Tuesday, August 9.

The Turkey Ministry of Defense claimed in a statement that 7 people from the People's Protection Units (YPG) lost their lives on the Syrian border with Mardin province in Turkey Kurdistan.

According to Suzjo news website, the Turkish Ministry of Defense has claimed that the attacks were first started by the YPG forces and they threw some mortars at the empty border lands in Mardin, and then the Turkish military forces responded to these attacks.

The ministry also claimed in another statement that 7 members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) have lost their lives in recent clashes in Iraqi Kurdistan. According to the claim, one of these people was Azad Yandi, codenamed Soro Amed, who was responsible for the Gare region logistics.

On the other hand, the Turkish Ministry of Interior claimed in a statement that 4 PKK forces have lost their lives in the so-called siege of Eren 29.

Neither the PKK nor the YPG have commented on the claims by the Turkish ministries.

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