Kurdistan Region electoral commission says polls could be postponed to 2023
The head of the Independent High Electoral Commission and Referendum of the Kurdistan Region, Hendren Mohammed, said the Region’s parliamentary election might be postponed to March 2023.

Mohammed told NRT that in 2019 the commission formally informed the parliament that the High Electoral Commission’s legal time will end and a new commission needs to be formed.
He said under Law 5 of Article 4 of 2014, the Commissioners' Council consists of nine members elected from parliament.
During the program, Mohammed also said the President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani set the time for the elections and all the Kurdish parties have announced they want elections to be held.
He said that no party was ready for the commission to be formed, and an election cannot be held without an electoral commission.
Mohammed said decisions should be made on amending the election law and that an agreement should be made on the legal issues of the Council of Commissioners, then the date should be set, otherwise, the date does not matter if the issues are resolved.
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