US State Department stresses on continuing ties with Kurdistan Region
The spokesperson of the US State Department says that his country continues to interact with the Kurdistan Region through high-level meetings.

In response to the letter of two Senate leaders to the US Secretary of State regarding the need for greater interaction with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the spokesperson of the US State Department said: This interaction has continued with both the Kurdistan Region and the central government of Iraq.

Bob Menendez and Jim Rish, two senior members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, sent a letter to the US Secretary of State about the weakening of the energy industry of the Kurdistan Region, due to an Iraqi federal court rule in calling illegal the oil activity of the Kurdistan Region. The letter has expressed concern and asked the US President Joe Biden's government to send a delegation to the Kurdistan Region to protect the common interests of the Kurds and the United States in the oil sector of the region and to back the presence of American companies in the oil fields of the Kurdistan Region.

Ned Price, the spokesman of the US State Department, expressed his ignorance of the content of such a letter to the foreign minister, but said that the US government has always interacted with both Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi central government at the level of senior officials.

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