MP says party leaders in Baghdad agree on early elections
The meeting among the heads of Iraq political parties held on Wednesday, August 17, at the presidential palace in Baghdad was a positive development, said Sirwa Abdulwahid, an MP and bloc leader of the New Generation Movement (NGM) in the Iraqi Parliament.

Abdulwahid told NRT all the parliament bloc leaders attended the meeting apart from the leader of the Sadrist Movement, and during the meeting, early elections to parliament were discussed.
She said all the blocs were in agreement with holding elections again and the blocs have asked the Sadrist Movement to attend the meetings.
Abdulwahid also said discussions should now be about the process of holding elections again in accordance with the constitution.
On Tuesday, Iraqi PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi called on all Iraqi political parties to meet at the presidential palace on Wednesday to begin a discussion on the political issues and find common ground.
Iraq has reached a political crisis following several months of failed attempts to reach an agreement on forming a national government.
Fears have been stoked over the prospect of an outbreak of violence amid rival protests from supporters of the Sadrist Movement and the Coordination Framework.
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