More Kurdish shops are exploded in Netherlands
Dutch media reported that a fifth Kurdish-owned supermarket in the Netherlands had been blown up and set on fire in the past month.

Dutch media reported three weeks before that explosions have targeted four supermarkets belonging to Kurdish immigrants in the Netherlands. Another Kurdish supermarket in Tilburg was exploded and set on fire on Monday, the media reported today, January 5.

The Netherlands Times wrote: "All the shops that have been targeted and set on fire in the past month have belonged to the Kurds in the country."

Local officials reported extensive damage to the store set on fire on Monday, but apparently no one has been killed or injured in the blast.

Taha Mohammad, the owner of the store, called the Dutch police incapable of managing the incident, citing explosions at five Kurdish-owned stores in the Netherlands over the past month.

Dutch police have called the bombings deliberate and related. Meanwhile the Polish government has called on the Dutch government to investigate the incidents because all employees in the shops are Polish.

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