Coalition supports to Peshmerga unaffected by recent unrest: official
A Senior Peshmerga commander on Friday said that the U.S.-led coalition force’s supports are unaffected by recent unrest in Iraq, adding, they are still on duty in the Kurdistan Region. 

Senior commander of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces Mariwan Amin, in a statement to Esta Media Network refused that the recent unrest or the political turmoil in Iraq affected the coalition’s support to the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.
“The rumors about halting collation’s support to the Peshmerga forces are baseless and untrue,” He said.
The Commander also commented on the coalition forces that deployed in the Kurdistan Region, stressing that their military support will be ongoing including the payout that the U.S. provided to fund the monthly salary of the Peshmerga forces.
Iraq survived a week of unprecedented unrest, the capital engaged in an intra-Shiite armed clash, leaving 23 dead in Baghdad when the loyalist of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr engaged in conflict with Iran-backed parties, fighting against each other on the streets.
It was the worst fighting seen for years, jeopardizing Iraq’s national security and it could affect the region’s security as well if the engaged parties did refuse to cease.
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