Senior PKK member killed in Shingal: media
Turkish state media quoted security sources as claiming that a senior member of the Kurdistan Workers'Party (PKK) named Badirkhan Abi was killed in a Mit operation in Shingal.

Turkish state media, including Anadolu and TRT, quoted security sources of the Turkish Intelligence Organization (MIT) as claiming that Badirkhan Abi, codnamed "Dirav Guda", a senior member of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) was killed in the operation in Shingal.
According to an Anadolu report, BadirKhan Abi joined the PKK in 2011, and in the following years, he was active in Shirnak, Yoksekova and northern Iraq.
Anadolu claimed Abhi was a Turkish citizen and served as a Shingal battalion commander in the Shingal Defense Units (YBS).
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