Federal government plans to cut off Kurdistan Region budget if Erbil refuses to deliver oil revenues to Baghdad: MP
A representative of the State of Law Coalition in the Iraqi Parliament announced the decision of the Iraqi central government to cut off the budget of the Kurdistan Region if it's oil revenues are not delivered to Baghdad.

Jassim Al-Mousavi told Al-Ma'lomeh news agency that after the Iraqi Federal Court's rule regarding the illegality of the Kurdistan Region's oil exports, meetings are scheduled to be held to solve the problem of Iraq's oil exports and an agreement is to made with Erbil regarding the Kurdistan Region's oil exports.
Al-Mousavi added: "The current government of Iraq should send an official message to foreign companies active in the region's oil, considering the illegality of oil exports in the Kurdistan region, and warn them that their current activities are illegal and they should be held accountable to international and Iraqi courts in this regard."
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