Iraqi MP says all blocs to be included in new government
Ali Fatlawi, a leader within the Coordination Framework, said the formation of the new Iraqi government will include all blocs on the basis of the majority vote of the country’s political parties.

Fatlawi said in a statement all blocs must participate in the new government, as no government will succeed without political and parliamentary support.
He said the Coordination Framework is working to make the Sadrist Movement a part of the new government.
The Sadrist Movement has rejected participation in the formation of the government after the movement’s MPs resigned from the parliament over the summer.
Iraqi MP Thaer Makhif said Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi has received a request-letter signed by 190 MP from different blocs to start parliament meetings again after the 40-day mourning period for Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed.
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