KDP says there is no alliance between party and Sadrist Movement
A member of the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Jaafar Ibrahim Eminki , said on Thursday, September 22, relations between the KDP and the Sadrist Movement did not indicate an alliance.

Eminki spoke to KDP’s official media outlet on the party’s relations with other parties and said the KDP has never been allies with the Sadrist Movement but prefers for relations to remain in connection.
He said the KDP’s relationship with the Sadrist Movement and the Coordination Movement was normal and remains normal.
He also stated previously there was a project for forming the government in Baghdad but the Sadrist movement resigned from the parliament and the KDP has remained in parliament.
Eminki also spoke on the KDP’s relations with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), stating their relationship with the PUK was very positive and improving day by day.
The Sadrist Movement formed the Saving the Homeland alliance on March 23 with the KDP and the Siyada Coalition.
The KDP then officially announced its alliance with the Sadrist movement. In April, the KDP said a strong government in Iraq would not be formed without the Sadrist Movement and assured their firm commitment to the Saving the Homeland alliance.
Eminki said the Sinjar agreement between Erbil and Baghdad still exists and cannot be ignored, but he saidimplementing it requires improved circumstances.
He said the KDP waiting for the new Iraqi government to be formed so that the party can talk about the agreement again.
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