Roj Peshmerga return to Syrian Kurdistan is our precondition to sign deal: ENKS leader
The leader of the Syrian Kurdish Patriotic Council (ENKS), Saud Malla, has stated that the council will not sign any agreement with the Kurdish Patriotic Union Parties (PYNK) without the later's agreement with the return of Roj Peshmerga forces to Syrian Kurdistan.

Saud Malla, stated that the condition for reaching an agreement with the Kurdish Patriotic Union Parties (PYNK) is the return of  Roj Peshmerga forces to Syrian Kurdistan. Saud Mullah told K24 that the issue of l Roj Peshmerga is a key issue for the ENKS and that these forces should be present in Syrian Kurdistan and Kurdish areas of the country.
Saud Malla, who traveled to Erbil with the ENKS leadership committee and the council's negotiating team, said: :the purpose of the visit is to inform Iraqi Kurdish officials about the process of talks between the ENKS and the PYNK on unity and the situation in Syrian Kurdistan, and to ask them (Iraqi Kurdish officials) to cooperate."
"So far, positive steps have been taken and many issues have been agreed upon," the ENKS leader said about the Syrian Kurdish unity talks, adding that "We have stated from day one that all issues must be seen as a whole. In other words, if something is agreed upon and no agreement is reached, we will not sign the agreement. The principle is that we are partners, not the other side. We have to be involved in decision-makings."

ملا دربارۀ موضع آمریکا نیز گفت: «ما امیدواریم آمریکا نقش خود را ایفا کند و موضع مثبتی در قبال کردها و مسائل آنان اتخاذ کند و همچنین به ما کمک کند از این مرحله عبور کنیم.»
"We hope that the United States will play its role and take a positive stance on the Kurds and their issues, and help us get through this," Mullah said of the US position over the Kurdish-Kurdish talks.
The ENKS leader also clarified the role of military issues in the Syrian Kurdish unity talks: "So far, the issue of the return of Peshmerga forces has not been discussed, because we are going to move forward step by step. The issue of Peshmerga forces is a special issue, and when we reach it, we must establish a special military committee to study how the Peshmerga forces will return to the country and how to deploy and protect their people. For the ENKS, this is a fundamental issue. The Roj Peshmerga should be present in Syrian Kurdistan and in Kurdish areas, not in Arab areas."
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