“Kurdish people have Ultimately succeeded” Bafel Talabani says after Iraq named new President
President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Bafel Talabani has sent out a congratulatory message to the public after Latif Rashid from PUK was named as President of Iraq on Thursday.

Iraq‘s legislators have elected Kurdish politician from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Latif Rashid as the country’s new president on Thursday.
“Ultimately, in the Iraqi political process, your own party has succeeded, despite all plots and conspiracies, they have failed to demolish its will. It stood firm on its stance and national decisions,” Talabani said, referring to his party, PUK.
Talabni stressed that naming Rashid as President of Iraq by the Iraqi legislators who is a Kurdish politician and a “struggler” of the PUK, is a “victory” of the people’s will, the democratic process, and the PUK.
“I want to make it clear that the PUK like always will be the protector of the rights of all nations and components of the country, it will be in the front line of defending to offer service and preserving the national rights of our people,” Talabani added.
Talabani further said ultimately the Kurdish people and Iraq has succeeded in this “fateful” process.
“With all of our different voices, no matter what opinions we had, our sole duty is the protection of the Kurdish unity and our united discourse in Baghdad,” he said.
The presidency, traditionally occupied by a Kurd, is a largely ceremonial position, but the vote for Rashid was a key step toward forming a new government, which politicians have failed to do since the election.
Rashid, 78, was the Iraqi minister of water resources from 2003-2010. The British-educated engineer won against former President Barham Salih, who was running for a second term.
He invited Sudani, the nominee of the largest parliamentary bloc known as the Coordination Framework, an alliance of Iran-aligned factions, to form a government. Sudani, 52, previously served as Iraq’s human rights minister as well as minister of labour and social affairs.
Sudani now has 30 days to form a cabinet and present it to parliament for approval.
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