New Iraqi PM says determined to resolve Erbil-Baghdad differences
The Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani said in his first speech after taking office that he is determined to resolve disputes between Baghdad and Erbil once and for all.

In a meeting of parliament on Thursday, October 27, during which the new government cabinet was approved, Sudani said he hoped the cabinet would be able to gain the trust of the people's representatives and open a new agenda in the field of implementation.

"Our ministerial team will take responsibility at this stage when the world is struggling with big political changes and economic crises,” Sudani said.

He also said the cabinet will work on increasing capabilities of local governments in the country and that issues between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will be tackled based on the constitution and in the framework of partnership.

According to NRT Sudani described corruption as a disease that engulfed all the parts of Iraq, which has resulted in economic problems and has weakened the role of the government and increased poverty in the country.

He said the new government will work on a strong and necessary program to confront corruption.

Sudani spoke on an economic project that will serve all Iraqis now and in the future.

He said the project will be able to create a major change and provide job opportunities and investments.

He also stated the crisis all sectors in Iraq are facing needs to be dealt with, and that the new and old projects that are not completed have to be worked on and completed.

Sudani also said these crises have had a direct effect on people’s livelihood and poverty in the country.

The new cabinet will work with the House of Representatives and the Judicial Council to approve and amend laws on investment in a way compatible with the needs of economic resources.

Sudani’s new government cabinet and agenda were approved the Iraqi parliament on Thursday.

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