Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad in coming days
The Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Finance, Awat Sheikh Janab, said on Monday, November 7, that in the coming days a Kurdish delegation will go to Baghdad for talks over the Region’s budget share.

In a meeting with a delegation from the US Consulate, Janab said the Kurdish delegation’s goal is to hold talks with the federal government over the 2023 budget bill and the Kurdistan Region’s share in the budget.

A source from the Iraqi Ministry of Finance told NRT that Baghdad is not ready to send any budget share if authorities in the Kurdistan Region do not comply with their agreements.

A number of political blocs have objected to past agreements between Erbil and Baghdad. According to certain agreements, Erbil was obligated to hand over a specified amount of oil per day and 50 percent of non-oil revenues, such as customs and tax.

The Kurdistan Region has yet not handed over oil and non-oil revenues to Baghdad.

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